In the academic year 2022-2023 I will be teaching the following classes at the University of Bucharest:

  • Good Governance, 1st year MA;
  • Policy-Making in the European Union, 1st year MA;
  • Evidence-Based Policies, 2nd year MA (jointly held with the Faculty of Philosophy).
  • Critical Thinking, 2nd year BA;
  • Ethics and Academic Integrity, 2nd year BA.


At various times between 2013-2021 I also taught the following classes (mostly seminars, not courses) at SNSPA:

Faculty of Political Science (2013-2019):

  • Political Philosophy, 2nd year BA;
  • Political Ethics, 3rd year BA;
  • Introduction to Political Science, 1st year BA;
  • Rational Choice Theory, 2nd year BA;
  • Behavioural Social Science, 3rd year BA;
  • American Politics, 3rd year BA;
  • Religion and Religious Fundamentalism, 3rd year BA;
  • Parties and Electoral Systems, 3rd year BA.

Faculty of Public Administration (2016-present):

  • European Standards of Public Integrity, 2nd year MA;
  • The Social Psychology of Leadership, 3rd year BA;
  • Techniques and Methods for Public Decision-Making, 3rd year BA;
  • Decision-making in the European Union, 3rd year BA;
  • Bases of the Public Sector, 1st year MA (in English);
  • Governance and Public Management, 1st year MA;
  • Introduction to Political Science, 1st year BA;
  • European Governance, 2nd year MA;

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